Mittwoch, 13. Oktober 2010

Mary- Kate and Ashley Olsen

Forget everything i wrote about suits because here they come-  the corduroy boys. Yes they are related and yes their outfits are supposed to make them look all grown-up and decent. They do remind me of the twin sisters circa 2001. 
Check out the black and white turtlenecks, i can´t decide which one is better. 

Don Draper, who?

The Glasses are perfection. So is the posture. 

These two had less money at the time than most of the slackers dragging around their self-assured selves in ed hardy or whatever brand it is that makes these terrible sweatpants and hoodies. Still they look really good. "Mad Men" is very successful and i´m hoping it won´t just make an impact on the ladies´wardrobes.
All you men in sportswear or in functional trousers with 20 pockets that can be zipped to five different lengths- in case you need to cross a river on your way to work- well, think about buying a suit. 

It´s Heinz!

Once upon a time men wore suits and hats on sundays. Here is Heinz enjoying himself in a garden, circa 1950.